Monday, February 15, 2010

Link your Facebook or Twitter accounts to your merchant account.

How do you get your customers to pay you directly from your Facebook or Twitter accounts? Actually its very simple. Your merchant account provider should offer a secure payment page hosted on their site for free. Here is how you can link your merchant account to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Get your payment page code
The code needed is simply a http link with some extra parameters included to identify your account. Providers differ on how you can get this code, some will generate it for you and some you need to follow their API to generate it manually. Your code should look something like what we have below.

Facebook Payments
Armed with your code or link from above, login to your Facebook account. There are a couple of different way to do get payments from Facebook. Basically, anywhere you can enter text and have it show up as a link is where you can add your code. The Facebook Wall is a great place for adding your code. Simply enter the payment code onto your wall. When a customer clicks your link they will go straight to your payment page.

Twitter Payments
Twitter works basically the same way as Facebook. Simply login to your Twitter account and enter your code, or link into the text box. Once your customers click the link they are directed to your payment page.


elanwilson said...

This is an interesting read. Have also observed that Twitter is primarily for people…. And that's why its for customer savvy corporations who want to listen to the consumer voice. However for visibility and marketing its Facebook all the way

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