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The Benefits of Electronic Payments for B2B Transactions

In the digital age, businesses are increasingly moving away from traditional payment methods such as checks and cash, and adopting electronic payment methods for B2B transactions. Electronic payments offer numerous advantages over traditional payment methods, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their payment processes and improve cash flow. What are the benefits of electronic payments for B2B transactions? Faster payment processing Electronic payments are processed much faster than traditional payment methods. With electronic payments, the payment is transferred directly from the payer's bank account to the payee's account, eliminating the need for physical checks or cash. This significantly reduces payment processing time, allowing businesses to receive payments faster and improve cash flow. Increased convenience Electronic payments offer increased convenience for both the payer and the payee. With electronic payments, businesses can make and recei

5 tips to reduce your credit card fees now

Fees usually vary because of the risk the provider takes on by letting your company accept credit cards. You may pay more or less credit card fees depending on your industry because of the type of goods or services you sell. Here are 5 tips you can use to save money on your credit card processing Check that your provider is using the correct merchant category code (MCC) for your business Swipe the credit cards wherever possible Get direct interchange pass through pricing Review your bill make sure you understand what's on it and how it got there Reduce chargebacks by using fraud tools such a AVS etc There are many other ways to save money on payment processing, but these you should be able to determine quite easily. Remember it doesn't always come down to the lowest rate quoted. Hidden fees can make the actual costs you pay much more than the quoted rate.