Friday, April 24, 2009

ACH eCheck Acceptance

Many merchants that have been concerned about taking checks in the past have now seen the light. eCheck or ACH transactions compared to credit cards can save you big money. Check acceptance is less risky and easier than it used to be thanks to electronic check conversion. ACH transactions are now a cost-effective method of payment and a fast way for your customers to pay safe and securely.

eCheck Conversion
A check conversion application turns a paper check into an electronic one. The resulting check is sometimes called and echeck or e-check. This is also known as an ACH transaction. The merchant will use a check reader to scan the check at the point of sale. The scanner is can be hooked into a software program that sends the check to the payment processor or the payment gateway. The gateway will return a response that is echoed back to the user via the application. The eCheck will clear depending on the type of agreement with the processor debits are usually faster than a credit transactions standard four day hold time.

Merchant Benefits of ACH
When converting checks or ACH processing is used in conjunction with check verification the merchant benefits are huge. Along with the lower processing costs of eChecks the entire process has been streamlined allowing for the integration of a accounting programs such as QuickBooks, and MYOB. Mistakes from data entry are reduced, the closing and settlement process is also simplified by using ACH eCheck conversion.

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