Tuesday, February 24, 2009

List of Payment Gateways

Here is a list of payment gateways.

· Anacom, Anacom Merchant Services, United States
· Authorize.net, Authorize.net, United States
· Banco Comercial Portugues, Banco Comercial Português, Portugal
· Bank Merchant POS (BMP), Bank of China, China
· Beanstream, Beanstream Internet Commerce, Inc., Canada
· Bibit, Bibit Internet Payments, Netherlands
· Bill4me.com, Facilitate I.T. Inc., Canada
· Biz*Star PX, Shanghai Shared Data Network Co. Ltd (SSDN), Singapore
· Business Gateway Service, WorldCom, Japan
· Buy-Line, Bank of New Zealand, New Zealand
· CAFIS, NTT Data Corp., Japan
· Cambist, Cambist Merchant Solutions, United States
· Camtech, Camtech Corp., Australia
· CCNow, CCNow, Inc., United States
· Chinatrust, Chinatrust Commercial Bank (CTCB), Taiwan, Province of China
· CIBC, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Canada
· CIPAS Indonesia, PT. CIPAS Indonesia, Indonesia
· CitiBank India, CitiBank India, India
· ClearCommerce, ClearCommerce Corp., United States
· ClickBank, Keynetics Inc., United States
· ClickPay, Professo, LLC, United States
· CMB, China Merchants Bank, China
· Comtrust, Comtrust, United Arab Emirates
· CyberCash, VeriSign Payment Services, United States
· CyberMUT, Groupe Crédit Mutuel, France
· CyberSource, CyberSource Corp., United States
· DataCash, DataCash Ltd., United Kingdom
· DirectLink, Plug 'n Pay Technologies, Inc., United States
· DnB, DnB - Den norske Bank, Norway
· E-Commerce Africa, E-Commerce Africa, Netherlands
· E-Payment, Interactive Worldwide Limited, Australia
· e4Sure, e4asia Inc., Thailand
· EBS, Electronic Billing Systems AG, Germany
· Ecgate, Ecnet, South Africa
· ECHOnline, Electronic Clearing House, Inc.,
· eops, eops AG, Germany
· ePagos, ePagos Merchant Services, United States
· ePDQ, Barclaycard Merchant Services, United Kingdom
· eSec Payment Service, eSec Ltd., Australia
· eStores, Bank of America, United States
· EuroDebit, Moreband Corp. NV, Netherlands Antilles
· FirstEcom, First Ecom, HongKong
· GestPay, Banca Sella S.p.A., Italy
· HDFCBank, HDFC Bank, Ltd., India
· I.N.G, Internet Networking Group, Netherlands
· iBill, Internet Billing Company, Ltd., United States
· IntelliPay, IntelliPay Inc., United States
· IPGS, Visa, United States
· iVeri, eCompany Ltd., South Africa
· JustGiving.com, Justgiving, United Kingdom
· Ka-Chingg and TPG, iPayment Technologies, United States
· Kagi, Kagi, United States
· LinkPoint, CardService International, United States
· LiveProcessor, Paymentplus, Inc., United States
· MultiCards.com, De Postel BV, Netherlands
· NetBanx, NetBanx Ltd., United Kingdom
· Netbilling, Automated Billing Services, United States
· Online Charge, Innuity, Inc., United States
· OrderButton, OrderButton.Net, Inc., United States
· Pago PAY, Pago eTransaction Services GmbH, Germany
· [email protected], Deutsche Bank, Germany
· PayCash.ru, Alkor Group of Companies, Russian Federation
· PayControl, Netcetera AG, Switzerland
· PayFlow, VeriSign Payment Services, United States
· Paymentservice, Paymentservice.at, Austria
· Payments Gateway United States
· PayPal, PayPal, United States
· PaySeal, ICICI ePayments Ltd., India
· PayWare, Trintech Group plc, Ireland
· PayWay, Nobil IT Corporation, Canada
· PlanetPayment, Planet Group Inc., United States
· QPAY and QTILL, QENTA paymentsolutions GmbH, Austria
· QSI Client Class, QSI Payments, Australia
· Secure-e-pay, Global Tele-Systems Ltd., India
· SecurePay, SecurePay Pty Ltd., Australia
· SecureTrading, SecureTrading, United Kingdom
· Setcom, Setcom (Pty) Ltd., South Africa
· SIPS, Siam Commercial Bank PCL., Thailand
· Solo e-payment, Solo Market/Merita Bank Plc, Finland
· Speedpay, E Commerce Group, United States
· SurePay, SurePay LP, United States
· Telecharge Canada, TeleCharge Canada, Canada
· Telecommerce, France Telecom, France
· Thirt, Thirt.com, South Africa
· TOPGate, Shanghai Bankcard Network Services Corp., China
· USA ePay, GorCorp Inc., United States
· VIP, Virbus AG, Germany
· WebCollect, GlobalCollect, Netherlands
· Webmoney.ru, WebMoney Transfer, Russian Federation
· Webpay, Transbank, Chile
· WorldPay, WorldPay plc, United Kingdom

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